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    Silesian Roulade

    Best quality beef meat roll stuffed with pickled vegetables served with red cabbage is all you have to eat when you visit the Silesian Voivodeship.

    A roulade is a type of meat dish. Traditionally it was beef, but you can also find roulades made with other types of meat. The ingredients for the stuffing vary from the region, but pickled vegetables, bacon, sausage, and onion are the most common. 


    Seasonings are mostly paprika, pepper, and mustard. In Silesian Voivodeship, it is often eaten with modro kapusta (Silesian red cabbage) and Silesian dumplings called kluski śląskie.


    In other regions of the country, this dish is known as paupiette (zraz).


    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recipe for the traditional Silesian roulade with red cabbage and Silesian dumplings ?


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