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    Warsaw Old Town Cellars

    The Old Town Cellars are several hundred years old and are the best-preserved parts of the Old Town. They survived the Second World War and today they invite tourists into their cool interiors.

    The Cultural Trails of the Old Town Cellars is a space that delights all lovers of broadly defined culture. These five renovated cellars, sometimes dating back to the late medieval times, enliven the cultural life of the Old Town and show that history and culture are a very attractive combination. 


    Cellars are a good place to be when the heat is on and a cozy place to be when it’s freezing outside. 


    The Cultural Trail of the Old Town Cellars includes:

    – Museum of Warsaw (click here to learn more about it),

    – Heritage Interpretation Centre, 

    – The Capital Cultural Education Centre, 

    – The Old Gunpowder House, 

    – Old Town Cultural Centre.


    For more information about the Cultural Trail of the Old Town Cellars click here


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