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    The finalists of the Kornel Makuszyński award

    Three books for children were included in the finals of the 28th Kornel Makuszyński National Literary Award. The jury will select the winner from among them. The results will be known in October, announced the organizer of the competition the Book Gallery in Oświęcim.

    97 titles entered this year’s competition. The final three were selected from this group. The winner will be selected from it. The Book Gallery announced that two books by the Literatura publishing house were in the finals: “Selfie ze stolemem” by Krzysztof Kochański and “Birthday” by Joanna Jagiełło, as well as “Śrubek and secrets of Machinery” by Jan Bliźniak from the Adamada publishing house.

    The decision will be made on October 9 during a gala at the Book Gallery. The laureate will receive, among others, a statuette created by Kornel Makuszyński, depicting the figure of the Koziołek Matołek.

    Voting in the readers’ poll continues until September 12.

    The deputy director of the library, Mariola Talewicz, reminded that the competition aims to make it easier for parents and carers of children aged 7 to 12 to find themselves in the world of literature, to identify books that not only show the colorful world of imagination but also allow them to learn about life truths and teach how to solve difficult problems. Books written in the writing convention used by Kornel Makuszyński are especially valuable. His works were amusing, however, there was moral.


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