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    Silesian dinner not only on Sunday

    Beef roulade has already been known in the interwar period. Initially, it was served on the occasion of larger celebrations, mainly weddings. But, over time, beef roulade also appeared at lunches during baptisms, Holy Communions, and holiday dinners. After World War II, beef roulade was often served for Sunday dinner. In many homes, this tradition is still cultivated today.



    Silesian roulade:


    – 750 g beef

    – 300 g minced pork

    – 50 g gherkins

    – 100 g onion

    – 20 g mustard

    – 120 g raw smoked bacon

    – 30 g wheat flour

    – 50 g lard

    – salt

    – pepper

    – bay leaf

    – allspice


    Silesian dumplings:


    – 1 kg potatoes

    – 255 g potato flour

    – 2 eggs

    – salt


    Red cabbage:


    – 500 g red cabbage

    – 50 g smoked bacon

    – 50 g onion

    – allspice

    – bay leaf

    – vinegar

    – salt

    – sugar

    – pepper




    Silesian roulade 

    1. Wash the meat, cut into slices, mash gently with a meat tenderizer and form oval slices. Season the meat with salt and pepper. 

    2. Dice bacon, gherkins, and onion. Season to taste. 

    3. Spread the meat with mustard and fill the meat with the stuffing. 

    4. Wrap the meat tightly, pin it with a toothpick, and dust with flour. 

    5. Fry the roulades in hot lard in a pan on all sides. Add frying fat, warm water, bay leaf, and allspice. Stew it until soft.

    6. When stewing the roulade, remember to add a little water if necessary. Do not let roulades burn. 


    Silesian dumplings (kluski śląskie)

    1. Boil the potatoes in salted water in their skins. 

    2. Strain potatoes and peel them. Then press through a potato ricer. Let them cool off. 

    3. Put the potatoes on a pastry board, add flour and eggs and knead to a smooth dough. 

    4. Form a rolling pin from the dough to divide it into equal portions. 

    5. Form balls from the dough. 

    6. In a large pot, boil the water and add salt. Put the dumplings into salted boiling water. 

    7. Stir the dumplings with a wooden spoon to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pot. Remember to keep the dumplings in the hot, not boiling water, for about 10 minutes.


    Red cabbage (modro kapusta)

    1. Wash and shred the red cabbage.

    2. Throw it into boiling water, add salt, as well as bay leaf and allspice. 

    3. Cook uncovered until tender. 

    4. Drain, add vinegar, sugar, and sliced and fried bacon. Mix it. 

    5. Season with pepper and salt.


    And that’s all! Enjoy the traditional Silesian dinner ? 


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