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    International Dog Day 2021. When is the “man's best friends” holiday?

    “Man’s best friends”, as dogs are called not without reason, have the opportunity to celebrate up to twice a year. One of them is Dog Day celebrated since 2007, initiated by the Polish magazine “Przyjaciel Pies”. The holiday is on July 1, and its timing is not coincidental: in the summer, many dogs end up in shelters because their owners often don’t know how to take care of the animals when they go on vacation. On this occasion, shelters and pro-animal organizations organize adoption and assistance actions at their own expense, trying to raise awareness about the treatment of dogs in society.

    The second occasion is International Dog Day. It is celebrated annually on August 26 to commemorate the adoption of a dog named Sheltie, who was taken in by the family of Colleen Paige, an American animal rights activist. At the time the pooch came into their care, Colleen was 10 years old. The idea to create this holiday was born in her mind in 2004. The holiday, which is celebrated as National Dog Day in the United States, has grown in popularity around the world over the years.


    As the creators of the site dedicated to International Dog Day point out, it’s a celebration of “all dogs, both crossbred and purebred.” They point out that their “mission is to make the public aware of the fact that many dogs that need help, should be appreciated for accompanying families and those that work hard every day to save lives and keep us safe and comfortable.”

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