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    The pursuit ended with a tree crash and a rollover [VIDEO]

    The police chase ended with a huge tree hit of the splitting Audi Q5 in Lębork. Young driver did so since he lost his driving license because of too many penalties. Now the consequences of such an act are much more serious.

    The incident happened on Wednesday in Mosty (Nowa Wieś Lęborska commune) at around 3 pm. An Audi Q5 at high speed on a pedestrian crossing overtook an unmarked BMW police car.


    Police officers immediately followed the departing vehicle, giving the driver audible and flashing signals to stop. The Audi driver, however, was not going to stop. On the contrary, he increased speed and tried to escape, entering Lębork and then the roads of the Nowa Wieś Lęborska commune.


    At one point, the speed at which the vehicle was travelling at the 40mph restriction was approximately 150mph. There were also times when the police car’s speedometer, when both vehicles were in built-up areas, showed over 200km/h.


    As the pursuit continued and the fugitive was not about to give up, more motorized patrols joined in to help. The Audi driver was driving very dangerously and while fleeing from police officers committed numerous traffic violations.


    The chase only ended when the Audi driver tried to avoid a head-on collision and jerked the steering wheel too violently while overtaking, backing into the right lane. The Audi skidded, began to spin and the side of the rear of the car hit a tree. The force of an impact was so high that the car rolled over onto its roof and was still moving for a while.


    The driver, a 22-year-old resident of Lębork, was very lucky because, despite such a dangerous-looking rollover, he was not seriously injured.


    Police officers tested him with a breathalyzer. The man was sober. It turned out that he didn’t have a driver’s license because he lost it for exceeding 24 penalty points accumulated mainly for not obeying the speed limit.



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