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    Warsaw taxi drivers from MPT announce a protest

    – From Monday we start protest action, we will start to paste our cars with stickers with information about the protest – announced union members of the Polish Drivers Trade Union at MZA (Municipal Bus Association – editor’s note). They indicated that the protest would not take the form of a city blockade.

    This way the unions want to draw attention to their uncertain situation because MZA signed a preliminary agreement to sell the MPT (Municipal Taxi Company – editor’s note) brand to iTaxi. 


     – We will start the protest action on Monday at 11.00 a.m. We will meet on the grasslands of the National Stadium – announced the union. 


    According to the information provided by the union, taxi drivers would cover their cars with special stickers with information about the protest.  – In this way we want to inform the citizens of Warsaw about our action – they explain.


    We absolutely do not want to create a situation in which we would make life difficult for our clients, the people of Warsaw. We will not take to the streets; we will not blockade the city.  If we protest, we will do it in front of the headquarters of MZA or the city hall – they assure.  They add that with the protest action they want to fight to keep the MPT brand and its drivers. 


     70 years in Warsaw


     – There is no such citizen of Warsaw who wouldn’t know what it is when they hear the word MPT. We have been working for these people all our lives and we want to continue doing so, emphasize the trade unionists. 


    Municipal Bus Association signed a preliminary agreement with iTaxi for the sale of the MPT brand owned by it. Drivers are demanding an explanation from the authorities of this municipal company and the city regarding the acquisition of the brand. 


    Municipal Taxi Company has existed in Warsaw for 70 years so far.

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