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    3D printed prostheses for mutilated dogs.  It is created by a student from Wrocław  

    Maciej Szczepański, a final-year veterinary student at Wrocław University of Life Sciences, is preparing prostheses for two dog patients. They are 3-year-old Sonia, who was hit by a car and lost part of her back paw, and 8-year-old Leto, whose front paw was run over by a train.

    The first dog was given to me by a vet from my hometown Opoczno, the second by my faculty’s friend from my year. The owners agreed without a second thought. I am sure I will help their pets – says Maciej in an interview with RMF FM.

    The student is interested in veterinary orthopaedics and has long thought about using 3D printing to treat animals with partial limb amputations. It’s much cheaper than an endoprosthesis, he says. He stresses that in Poland it is a novelty, but e.g. in the United States it is a common, alternative method of treating mutilated animals.

    The first prosthesis for the bitch (Sonia) has been printed. We’ve already had our first fitting. It turns out that everything fits.  Work is still underway to refine the harness. The second is in preparation.
    He wants his project to be widespread, to help stop progressive muscle and joint degeneration, and to improve the quality of life for dogs.  He hopes to be able to help as many animals as possible in the future.  He estimates that his prosthesis could cost between 1500 and 2500 thousand zlotys.


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