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    The artistry of the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Mazowsze delights

    The extraordinary craftsmanship presented by the artists of the Mazowsze Ensemble, at the absolutely highest, professional, world level delights, said President Andrzej Duda on Thursday during the opening of the “Karolin” Polish Folklore Center in Otrębusy.

    “Jerzy Waldorff once called the Mazowsze Ensemble the pearl in the crown of the Republic of Poland. There is something in this that Mazowsze, wherever it comes, can be seen in these beautiful, wonderful costumes – embedded in the Polish tradition of various regions of our country. Then you can see the extraordinary artistry presented by the artists of Mazowsze at the absolutely highest, world-class, professional level. It delights,” Duda pointed out.

    As he added, the team “is a great, wonderful ambassador of Polishness, Polish tradition, folklore, everything that shows the depth of culture and traditions of the nation and the state, which is why the opening of the Polish Folklore Center “Karolin” in Otrębusy at the headquarters of the Mazowsze Ensemble is such an important event”.

    The Educational Center of Polish Folklore, located in the Karolin Palace in Otrębusy near Warsaw, is a continuation of the mission set out by the founders of the “Mazowsze” State Folk Ensemble of Song and Dance.

    The National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Mazowsze” is one of the largest Polish artistic groups referring to the tradition of Polish folk music and dance.

    Jerzy Waldorff (1910 – 1999) was a Polish writer, publicist, music critic, and social activist.


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