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    September theater festival in Garwolin

    This year, for the third time, the Mazovian Institute of Culture (MIC), the Center for Sport and Culture in Garwolin, and the City of Garwolin are organizing the Saturator Theater Festival. During the weekend between September 10 and 12, 14 amateur and professional theater groups from Poland and abroad will play.

    “The program includes a parade through the streets of the city, performances for children, teenagers and adults, and inspiring family movement classes,” we read in the information by Radosław Lubiak from the Mazowiecki Institute of Culture.

    As it was explained, “after last year’s – due to pandemic conditions a slightly reduced – one-day form, the Saturator Theater Festival returns in the third full-length edition”. “At the weekend from 10 to 12 September, the space of Garwolin will be taken over by the muse of the theater,” it was written.

    As explained, “Friday evening September 10 will belong to the youth theaters”. “We will see two interpretations of Gombrowicz’s “Ferdydurke” performed by the Glove Theater in Garwolin and the Maska Theater of Young Artists in Sochaczew,” it was written.

    “The first part of the program on Saturday, September 11th and Sunday, September 12th, are performances and family classes in various styles. You will be able to see puppet shows, a clown performance, storyteller theater and take part in physical activities,” we read in the information.

    It was noted that “afternoons and evenings are the time for performances for older audiences.”


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