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    Dragon’s Den

    The cave, which according to legend was inhabited by a dragon, leads from Wawel Hill to the Vistula River. The legendary monster terrorized the local inhabitants and required them to sacrifice cattle or, in another version of the story, virgins.

    The Wawel Dragon could not be defeated by the strongest warriors. He was defeated only by the clever shoemaker Skuba, who used Dragon’s greatest weakness – gluttony. He placed a ram stuffed with sulfur in front of the cave, which the reptile swallowed with glee. Soon the monster began to feel a nagging thirst – it was the sulfur that was burning his insides. He rolled out of the cave to the Vistula and began to drink water, but could not quench his thirst. The dragon didn’t give up, he drank incessantly, without restraint, until finally – he burst!


    The sculpture of the Wawel Dragon is located at the exit from the cave on the Vistula boulevards. A few hundred years ago, in the cave, there was a famous inn where the inhabitants of Krakow and numerous travelers quenched their thirst. The entrance for visitors today is located on the hill, behind the Thieves’ Tower. 


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