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    See the exhibits that are not in the exhibitions

    The Podlasie Museum in Białystok has started the “antique of the month” campaign. It consists in presenting and depicting the history of one exhibit, which cannot be seen at exhibitions on a daily basis. The first is a ceramic plaque with the image of Józef Piłsudski’s face.

    Dating back to the 1930s, a white, glazed, tile-like plaque was made in the Art Deco style in the Jan Kucharski & Sons tile factory in Białystok, which was famous for the highest quality products. Apart from colorful utility tiles, they also produced, for example, decorative patriotic items.

    Currently, the plaque is in the collection of the Historical Museum in Białystok, which is a branch of the Podlasie Museum. In connection with the “antique of the month” campaign, it can be viewed for a month in the hall of the Podlasie Museum in the city center. The exhibition is complemented by a card with a description of the monument.

    The action is to increase the popularity of the museum among visitors and encourage them to visit the facility. 

    “We want to interest the audience with the items that are in stock on a daily basis, and which are definitely worth showing. We want to show them in the town hall, the main seat of the Podlasie Museum,” said the director of the institution Dr. Waldemar Wilczewski.


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