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    A remarkable discovery in the West Pomeranian cathedral

    So well preserved in Poland, the only wooden structure from the 13th century, is the attic of the cathedral in Kamień Pomorski (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), established conservators from Toruń. Until now, it was believed that it came from modern times. The wood for its construction was brought from the nearby island of Wolin.

    This finding was made by researchers from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń – prof. Ulrich Schaaf, Dr. Maciej Prarat and prof. Tomasz Ważny.

    “We did not expect such a discovery. At the request of the West Pomeranian Provincial Conservator of Monuments, we were to assess the value of the roof truss (wooden roof frame) of the cathedral in Kamień Pomorski. When we got to the attic, we immediately noticed the unusual style of construction,” said Dr. Maciej Prarat.

    A detailed analysis has shown that it is the oldest known roof truss in Poland, the researchers argue. Importantly, as emphasized by Dr. Prarat, it is preserved in very good condition.

    “The truss retained the same structure as in the 13th century. However, in many places during the more than 650-year history of the temple, wooden elements were replaced or new reinforcements were added,” noted the conservator.


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