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    Musical attractions at the Książ Castle

    For the 18th time, chamber music will be played at the Książ Castle in Wałbrzych as part of the Princess Daisy Ensemble Festival. A festival is a meeting place for recognized artists with young adepts. The event started on Sunday and will last until Wednesday.

    The mission of the Ensemble Festival, which has been held at Książ Castle since 2004, is to promote chamber music, both concerning musical and theatrical works.

    Students and graduates of music academies from Poland and abroad as well as from Polish state theater schools are invited to participate.

    As part of the festival, music courses and theater classes are conducted, during which participants work together with distinguished professors to perform selected works. All the works are later presented during concerts and acting shows open to the public.

    “Thanks to this formula, it is possible to collaborate in partnership between award-winning musicians and beginner adepts. This form of work makes it possible to discuss the creative interpretation of the works by people with different experiences and from different cultural circles,” noted Mateusz Mykytyszyn, spokesman for Książ Castle in Wałbrzych.

    As part of this year’s festival, four concerts are planned. All of them take place in the Maximilian Hall at Książ Castle.


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