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    Poland as seen by… anime!

    What would they know about Poland in that remote Japan? Maybe not much, but here and there one can find traces of Polish culture even in the exotic art of anime.

    Let us start with the obvious: Fryderyk Chopin and Maria Skłodowska-Curie are widely known throughout Asia. You can also read about the love the Japanese have for brother Zenon Żebrowski on Poland Daily. It is most natural that these figures would appear in anime as well.


































    What is much less expected is that the iconic pieces of Polish not so abundant automotive history also found their way to the drawn medium. You can spot the legendary Polish Fiat 126p, a.k.a. Maluch, or even the fabulous family car with racing aspirations – FSO Polonez.























    Finally, time for the stereotypically Slavic flavour, and it is a flavour that smells of cigarettes and vodka. You can find a few classically popular brands of tobacco and strong alcohols, or even pure spirit. Sometimes they play a completely background role and are there just for the artist to show off their knowledge of foreign products, but sometimes they, well, push the whole narrative forward.

    Sobieski cigarettesŻytniaSpirit

































    Oh, and obviously, when there is vodka involved, there also have to be… cucumbers! Or at least a jar that once held them in.

    Krakus cucumbers jar

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