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    How to ensure pharmaceutical safety in Poland?

    Poland will not be safe unless the production of medicines in the country is increased – emphasized the participants in the debate “How much does our health security cost?” during the Economic Forum in Karpacz.

    “Another war didn’t have to break out to see how important pharmaceutical safety is. All it took was the uncontrolled spread of the virus for the pharmaceutical industry of many countries to be paralyzed within a few months, and international trade and transport to stop functioning,” said Krzysztof Kopeć, president of the National Medicines Manufacturers.


    During the Economic Forum in Karpacz, domestic producers of medicines appealed to the Ministry of Health for a stable price policy. Especially that the weighted average pack price of a domestic medicine is PLN 15 and the average patient co-payment is around PLN 9. They argued that not forcing further reductions would not generate additional expenses for the National Health Fund and would allow increasing pharmaceutical production in the country.


    Krzysztof Kopeć emphasized that maintaining the current prices of medicines will ensure stable business conditions for domestic companies and thanks to that we will be able to restore the production of oncological medicines in Poland, produce the most needed vaccines, develop the sector of biological medicines and mRNA technology, and increase the production of basic medicines and substances for their production. And this will keep Poles safe, even during pandemic crises.


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