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    Zeppelin over Silesia. Airship will fly over Katowice, Bielsko, Częstochowa, Gliwice

    The airship will be flying over the region during the weekend, over Katowice, Gliwice, Częstochowa, Bielsko-Biała and Czechowice-Dziedzice. And what a way to do it! This Zeppelin is 75 metres long. There are only 6 such airships in the world. Where and when to watch it? Here are the start times. Tickets for Zeppelin flights cannot be purchased. The organizer of the flights is the ZF Group, a company specializing in technological solutions for the automotive industry.

    The majestic Zeppelin is now the largest airship in the world.  It is 75 meters long.  Its cruising speed is about 100 km/h (maximum 125 km/h) and depends on the strength and direction of the wind.  Maximum flight altitude – 3000 m above sea level, normal cruising altitude about 300 m above the ground.  The Zeppelin uses non-flammable helium gas.
    Tickets for flights are not available, they went to clients, guests, business partners.  You could also win them in a contest.  But it’s worth watching out for the giant gliding majestically and silently over the cities in the sky.


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