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    They ran for health for the 14th time

    The Oncology Run (Onco-run) broke another record for cancer patients. On Sunday, 12 September, for the fourteenth time Poles – and not only – ran in a gesture of solidarity with cancer patients and their families. It’s all thanks to the event that the Sarcoma Association has been organizing for 14 years, namely “Onco-run – Together for Health!”.

    2200 registered Onko-runners covered a total of 13,356 km, which gives the amount of PLN 201,340! This contributed to breaking the record in terms of kilometers covered together, as well as funds raised, which the Sarcoma Association will allocate to support the charges and prevention.


    Three groups of guests in teams of 40 people, ran on the grounds of the National Cancer Institute, especially for the patients staying in the Institute’s wards. Following the motto “Together for health” Onco-runners all over Poland covered kilometers marking their photos on social media with the hashtag #Onkobieg. 


    “Oncology has different meanings. For some, it can mean the next step during treatment on the road to health. For others, it is an expression of solidarity with those who face the disease,” recalled Szymon Bubiłek, an organizer from the Sarcoma Association, from the Onco-run studio.


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