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    The most famous snack from the Lublin region

    Lublin’s most famous bakery product – round-shaped wheat flatbread, crunchy and topped with onions and poppy seeds called cebularz.

    Jewish bakers in Lublin’s Old Town were the first to bake cebularze, offering them to residents hurrying to work each morning. After the war, Lublin’s Jewish community disappeared, but local bakers returned to baking it and quickly popularized it in the region. 


    What is more, this golden, crunchy round-shaped wheat flatbread has its own Regional Museum in Lublin, presenting the history of the product – both the legendary and the real one.


    In the European Commission’s Regulation cebularz is described as a round-shaped wheat flatbread made from wheat pastry. On the surface, there is a layer of stuffing consisting of diced onions mixed with poppy seeds, salt, and vegetable oil. 


    The stuffing has a golden color and a taste and smell characteristic of roasted onions. Its aroma is that of freshly baked onions, thanks to the layer of stuffing on its surface. 


    Stay tuned! We are preparing recipe for cebularz ?

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