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    Police officers will be driving criminals' cars

    Police officers from the Gdańsk Central Bureau of Investigation will drive cars that previously belonged to criminals. The public prosecutor seized the cars from the drug mafia and handed them over to the police under the so-called Covid Law.

    The cars, which were sent to the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police, were secured by the Pomeranian Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk. The proceedings in the course of which the prosecutor seized the equipment concerned an organized criminal group involved in smuggling and drug trafficking.


    “The donated items include a BMW car and another passenger car. The items were handed over to the Management Board in Gdansk of the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police in accordance with the reported needs,” – said the Press Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office.


    The National Prosecutor’s Office reported that the drug gang smuggled, among others, hashish from Spain to Scandinavian countries, where it was distributed. The group smuggled a total of about 4.5 tons of the drug.


    The press department of the KP explained that the transfer of the equipment secured from criminals was possible thanks to the amendment to the act on special solutions related to preventing, counteracting, and fighting COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crises caused by them, introduced last year. The new provision states that items seized during criminal proceedings can be donated to institutions fighting the epidemic.


    “Destroying or storing seized criminal items in an epidemic emergency shall be deemed as a waste of resources of public safety importance which has the appearance of mismanagement. At the same time, keeping these funds in escrow is also not justified towards the nature of the epidemic risk,” – these are the provisions of the act.

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