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    500 additional soldiers and equipment for the Border Guard. Kamiński: We must firmly defend our border

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki reported today that an analysis of the situation on the border with Belarus has been carried out. “We are dealing with an organized, massive action to destabilize the situation,” he reported. Mariusz Kaminski stressed that we must continue to defend our border firmly.

    The Interior Minister said at a press conference that Belarus has introduced visa-free travel with Pakistan, Jordan, African countries, among others.


    “Last week, the Belarusian authorities decided on visa-free travel. On the launch of visa-free travel with countries like Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa. These are huge reservoirs of refugees, huge reservoirs of people seeking a better life in the world. This could mean that tens, hundreds of thousands of people will be drawn to our eastern border. In addition, the Belarusian authorities have decided to give Grodno airport the status of an airport for international flights,”

     -said Mariusz Kamiński.


    “This indicates that the adversary because we have to approach it in these terms, may have made decisions to make this crisis last for months and have its disturbing unveilings,” he said.


    He added that there is an onslaught on our border, it is being effectively stopped by soldiers, policemen, and Border Guard officers.


    “We know more and more, and we see more and more facts and documents confirming the enormous involvement of Belarusian services in this procedure. The Belarusian state structures responsible for international border security are involved in international human trafficking. Those people pay big money to be in the European Union'”

     – said the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.


    Kaminski also said that Lukashenko’s regime is taking on a mafia-like form.


    “Such tragic situations occur at our border. Lukashenko’s regime is to blame for this. A state that is increasingly taking on a mafia form. All these people who end up at our border are paying huge money. They have been cynically created an illusion of getting into the EU quickly, the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular, is the magnet that attracts them, where they say outright that they were convinced that this is where they would get in.” 


    “We will effectively defend our borders. However, it seems that we may be facing a long crisis for political and cynical reasons generated by Lukashenko’s regime,” he stressed.


    The Minister said that 500 additional soldiers have been sent to the border, and the Podlasie branch of the Border Guard will receive eight modern vehicles on Wednesday.


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