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    Poland Fintech at the trade fair in Amsterdam

    During the world’s biggest fintech trade fair, Money 20/20, which starts today in Amsterdam, Polish companies will present themselves as part of the Poland Fintech group. The event attracts both global financial leaders and innovative startups every year.

    As part of Poland Fintech, the following companies went to Amsterdam: Currency One, Infinite IT Solutions, Hotailors, Booste, and Planet Plus. These companies offer a wide range of payment solutions, currency exchange, cashback solutions, e-commerce financing, innovative business travel arrangements, and a complex portfolio of business IT solutions.


    Polish Fintech companies are at the forefront of global innovators when it comes to financial startups. Brands focused around Poland Fintech, are companies that show directions of development and create the future of the finance industry and IT technology in business, not only in Europe but also worldwide.


    It’s another year that the Poles have been on Money 20/20. At this main event of the finance and payments industry, representatives and innovators from around the world are an inspiration to make changes in the future of money. It is estimated that over 4,000 people, from 1,500 companies around the world, will attend this year’s conference.


    On the Money 20/20 website we can read: 


    “Money20/20 was founded in 2012 by Payments and Fintech veterans from Google, TSYS and Citi. They broke the stereotypes anchored in snoozefest business conferences, and designed an unparalleled experience built for the industry, by the industry”


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