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    PKN ORLEN launches its parcel machines under the “ORLEN Paczka” service

    PKN ORLEN is developing its operations in the e-commerce sector through the “ORLEN Paczka” (“ORLEN Parcel Service – editor’s note) service and a network of parcel machines. Already 200 such machines have been launched, but by the end of this year, their number will increase to 500 throughout Poland. The service is operated by Ruch, a company belonging to PKN ORLEN capital group.

    “According to the strategy, by 2030 we will spend around PLN 11 billion to expand our retail business. We will expand modern sales channels. One of them is e-commerce services. We have already had 6 thousand points for sending and receiving parcels. We will systematically develop the parcel machine network,” said Daniel Obajtek, the President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board, Chief Executive Officer.


    He also pointed out that thanks to the expansion of this service PKN ORLEN will acquire new customers, which will bring real business benefits. It will also strengthen the company’s position on the e-commerce market, one of the key sectors for the Polish economy, whose value already exceeds PLN 100 billion.


    The current base of 200 PKN ORLEN parcel machines will increase to 500 points by the end of the year, and by the end of 2022 over 2,000 such devices are to be installed across Poland.  Customers of the service have up to three working days to collect their parcels, which is an advantage over other operators.


    “There are already 10 million customers in the area of the “ORLEN Paczka” service who can reach the pick-up point on foot in 10 minutes. We place our parcel machines in locations well accessible to drivers,” said Patrycja Klarecka, Member of the Management Board, Retail Sales.


    As Klarecka explained, there is a mobile app available for Android and iOS phone owners to handle sending and receiving packages. It allows you not only to track the status of your shipment but also to open contactless boxes in parcel machines, without having to wait in a queue.


    Sensors placed in the lockers of ORLEN Paczka parcel machines protect against accidental door slamming, which may occur before the parcel is removed. Access to the touch terminal also meets the requirements of people with disabilities.


    Parcel machines under the “ORLEN Parcel” service have already been set up in the largest Polish cities, including Warsaw, Cracow, Płock, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Łódź, Poznań, Wrocław and towns of the Silesian agglomeration. They are located in high traffic areas that are accessible 24 hours a day.


    Customers have, at their disposal, parcel delivery and collection points at approximately 1100 ORLEN petrol stations and over 1000 “Ruch” kiosks. The network is supplemented by almost 4 thousand partner points and 200 parcel machines. By the end of this year, “ORLEN Paczka” parcel machines will have been available in every province.

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