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    Polish-Czech negotiations on Turów broke down. Machałek: The decision of the CJEU is unenforceable

    In the opinion of the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Marzena Machałek, the judgment issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding the order to suspend coal mining in the Turów mine is unenforceable. “I cannot imagine a solution other than an agreement with the Czech Republic,” said the MP in an interview with the Polish Press Agency.

    Marzena Machałek is an MP from the Jelenia Góra-Legnica district.

    “I have been winning elections in the Zgorzelec county for years because I am involved in the Turów affairs and I know very well that the decision issued by the CJEU on the suspension of mining at the Turów mine is unenforceable. I cannot imagine a solution other than an agreement with the Czech Republic,” Machałek told Polish Press Agency (PAP).

    She pointed out that the recently commissioned new power unit at the Turów power plant is one of the most modern in Europe and without the operation of the mine, its operation would be difficult. The entire Polish economy and energy sector would also lose because it would be difficult to replace such an important element of the energy system.

    “The Ministry of Education and Science creates vocational training centers and one of them was established in the area associated with the Turów mine and PGE Energetyka Odnawialna (PGE Renewable Energetics). This mine is the heart of this region of Poland,” said the Deputy Minister.


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