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    A series of concerts by Paweł Piekarczyk in the USA and Canada

    We cordially invite you to a series of meetings with so far rarely visited Polish communities in Canada and the USA. Bard of the Free Speech Zone, Paweł Piekarczyk, will visit “Gazeta Polska” club members living outside large Polish community centres in these countries.

    The project refers to the old noble tradition of itinerant home theatres (one of the bards in this tradition was Franciszek Karpiński), continued under partitions, occupations, and during the Martial Law. Meetings in small groups of people are especially justified in the face of the territorially dispersed Polish diaspora in Canada and the USA.

    During these meetings, there will be concerts of songs and cantos devoted to Polish history and its heroes, performed by bard Paweł Piekarczyk.

    Meetings and discussions will also be held in English, and during the concerts performed in Polish, illustrative videos for the songs will be shown, along with English subtitles.

    Live broadcasts of the concerts will be available on the website and on the Facebook profile.

    Dates of meetings and concerts will be posted on the website on an ongoing basis.

    The project is a continuation and development of similar activities carried out for years in the American and Canadian circles of “Gazeta Polska” Clubs. Meetings will also be organized in other Polish communities.


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