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    – I reject threatening and extortionist language. I do not agree with politicians blackmailing and threatening Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said today in the European Parliament. A debate in which false accusations by left-liberal politicians against Poland were rife. That is why “Gazeta Polska” Clubs and the Niezalezna. pl website are launching an action aimed at informing MEPs why the Polish government is reforming courts and what is the scale of support for these reforms.

    Dear European Parliament Members,


    Poland stands up for these agreements, but also for the value directory that made up the European Union. These values include freedom, national sovereignty, democracy, and justice, as well as respect for fundamental human rights. Today, the institutions of the European Union, perhaps confused or acting in bad faith, are trampling on signed treaties, but most of all they destroy the values for which Poles and other nations have decided to be the EU.


    In 1989 Poland liberated itself from communism imposed by Moscow. Earlier attempts to fight for freedom were paid for with the blood of thousands of people and the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of our compatriots.


    In 1989, we made a bloodless revolution that gave freedom to other nations of Central Europe. The price of the peaceful changes, however, was the fact that in many places of our economic and social life, there remained people responsible for violating human rights and destroying Polish freedom. Because of these people, great pathologies began to emerge, which led to the plunder of national property, limitation of the freedom of debate, but above all, huge abuses in the courts. Unreformed courts left communist criminals and common criminals free and sentenced those who had the courage to fight injustice. The pathologies had gone so far that the judges officially declared themselves the supreme caste, operating above the law, and acquitted criminals in togas, even if caught stealing or breaking the law. Huge repression fell on journalists and the media, who had the courage to describe what was happening in the courts. Journalists hated by judges were denied the right to speak during the trials. At the same time, the courts overlooked the theft of Polish and EU money by politicians who protected their interests.


    In 2015, the public made a choice, inter alia, under the slogans of profound reforms in the courts. The next elections since then confirm this decision. It was never about undermining independence or applicable law, but about freeing the courts from the burden of political and mafia ties.


    Some of the Polish opposition and judges began to argue that the fight for elementary justice is a fight against the independence of the judiciary. Unfortunately, from what we can see, this lie is accepted as a fact and strikes both the good name of Poland and our democracy. Was the European Union founded to protect corruption and human rights violations, even if these pathologies are dressed in judicial robes?


    Eighty percent of Poles want to be in the European Union, but the same number also want fair and honest courts, which we have not had since 1939. Is it not a disgrace for the EU institutions to create a situation where we must renounce fair courts so that the EU does not persecute us?


    If the ideological blindness or the game of interests does not allow you to reflect, at least remember that the great crisis of the Union, which began with the departure of Great Britain, will lose all of Europe. Poles and Hungarians will lose, but also the countries that made up the EU will lose because the profits from being together are common.


    There is still time for reflection and an honest look at the essence of the dispute. Let us use this time for the good of our continent, for the good of the European Union and the nations that make it up.


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