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    “Gazeta Polska” clubs in Hungary: “The solemn atmosphere in Budapest”

    Hungarians celebrate another anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. This is one of the most important Hungarian national holidays.


    The anniversary of the 1956 Revolution is a very important holiday whose popularity has been growing more and more in recent years. Already on Friday, Budapest and other Hungarian cities were full of distinctive flags with a hole in the middle. These flags are a symbol of the revolution because during the protests its participants cut out the communist symbol in the middle of the flag of the Hungarian People’s Republic. The city was also crowded with trips of students visiting places where historical events took place.


    On the 65th anniversary of these events, many different commemorations are planned across the country. Due to the extreme importance of this holiday to Hungarians, the government has decided to lift most coronavirus restrictions during their holiday. 


    The official commemorations will traditionally begin with the solemn raising of the flag in front of the Parliament building, which is scheduled for 9 am. The right-wing organization CÖF and its affiliated foundation CÖKA organized the 9th Peace March. It starts at the Budapest University of Technology at 2 pm. “Gazeta Polska” Club members and representatives of other patriotic circles from all over Europe will also participate in this march. 


    In 2006, when Hungary was ruled by the Socialists, and this march was brutally pacified by the police. Andras Bencsik, its organizer and editor-in-chief of the weekly Demokrata, said that today “evil must be defeated again” to prevent the repetition of such situations as then.


    The participants of the 9th Great Trip to Hungary arrived in Budapest yesterday morning, where they were warmly welcomed.


    Shortly after arriving, Polish delegations laid flowers at the monument to General Józef Bem and plaques commemorating the murder in Katyn and the crash in Smolensk.

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