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    Polish Power of Business – ESG Congress

    The ESG Congress – Polish Power of Business will be held on 3-5 November in Warsaw. This is an initiative that has never been seen in the Polish public space before. During the Congress, social, economic, environmental, business management, and public health issues will be discussed in the context of global trends, EU policy, and Polish governance.

    The mission of Polish Power of Business is to create a balance sheet of achievements and challenges in individual areas and to develop benefits arising from cooperation between business and society


    The organizers of the ESG Congress – Polish Power of Business are the Positive Ideas Foundation and the Clean Air Foundation, which have jointly prepared two editions of the TOGETAIR Climate Summit.


    Ecology, Society, and Economy are the three pillars of ESG and at the same time the areas of issues to be discussed by the panellists during the 3 days of the Congress.


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