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    Medieval treasure found in Zawichost-Trójca

    The remains of another medieval treasure were discovered by archaeologists in Zawichost-Trójca (Świętokrzyskie voivodeship) during the October searches. In spring, a treasure containing almost 2,000 Piast coins was found in this place. Everything indicates that it is not the only one.

    A dozen or so days ago, another research was completed in Zawichost-Trójca.

    Dr. Marek Florek, the conservator of archaeological relics from the Sandomierz branch of the Provincial Office for Monument Protection in Kielce told PAP (Polish Press Agency) that two coins were part of the first treasure. One of them is the well-preserved denarius of Władysław Wygnaniec (Władysław the Exile). Numerous fragments of vessels from the 11th century as well as a fragment of a richly ornamented bone comb and a spindle whorl made of pink Volyn slate have also been found.

    In October, work was also carried out in other survey excavations, located in places where single coins from the 11th century had previously been found, the presence of a cultural layer was found. It contained material dating from the early Bronze Age to the modern era. Among them, there were a dozen or so coins or their fractions and small fragments of silver ornaments from the end of the 10th and the beginning of the 11th century.

    These monuments are currently being examined, it is known that some of them are coins, among others of Emperors Otto I and Otto III.


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