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    Investigators have solved a 14-year-old murder case

    Investigators from Szczytno (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province) have identified and detained a suspect in a murder of an inhabitant of the Ostrołęka district 14 years ago. During questioning, the suspect confessed to the guilt, police reported.

    The investigation of this case was initiated in May 2008, after two anglers accidentally came across a man’s corpse lying on the bottom of Lake Świętajno while fishing. It was then determined that a homicide may have occurred. However, the body lay in the water long enough that identification of the victim was unsuccessful.


    Police suspected that the person killed may be a 42-year-old resident of Ostroleka County, who was reported missing in 2007. However, the genetic tests performed at that time did not allow to fully confirm that this is the person.


    Sgt. Izabela Cyganiuk from the Szczytno Police Department said that a breakthrough, in this case, was brought about by modern biological tests conducted this year. DNA samples were taken from another family member, which helped confirm the identity of the person found in the lake.


    Police officers under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office in Szczytno investigated thoroughly the circumstances of the 42-year-old’s disappearance and then carried out operational activities which led to selecting and detaining a suspect for this crime. The man pleaded guilty during questioning.


    “As determined by investigators, the murder occurred on September 28, 2007, in the village of Kadzidło in the Ostrołęka district. At the time, the perpetrator of this crime was only 27 years old and his motives were based on his private relationship with the victim.”


    – sergeant Cyganiuk reported.


    On a motion of the prosecutor’s office, the District Court in Szczytno decided to arrest the suspect temporarily for three months. The murder charge carries a penalty of eight years to life imprisonment.


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