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    Young people in business, politics and local government – the 5th Congress of the Academy of Patriotism

    Last weekend, Cracow and Warsaw hosted students of the Patriotism Academy. This is the fifth congress as part of the project organized by the Władysław Grabski Center, whose strategic partner is KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. This time, topics related to the role of young people in economic, political and local life were dominant.

    At the same time, in Cracow and Warsaw, the youth met at the penultimate convention of this year’s edition of the Academy. In Warsaw, the youngest member of parliament of the current term, Robert Gontarz, introduced the topic of young people’s activity. In Cracow, the president of the foundation, Władysław Grabski Center, PhD Krzysztof Tenerowicz, gave a lecture on the same topic. They both shared their personal experiences, encouraging them to be actively involved in the world of local government, politics and business.


    As part of the convention, the Cracow group also met with a long-term local government official and the President of the Małopolska Tourist Organization, Grzegorz Biedron. During the meeting entitled “Tourism and local government. Opportunities and prospects”, many threads and interesting facts about the dynamically changing tourism sector were discussed. The president of MTO is also a long-term local government official who made young people aware of the relationships that exist between local government, business and tourism.

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