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    The exhibition “Enigma. The Mystery Solved”

    Since November 9 in Kordegarda – Gallery of the National Cultural Center will host the exhibition “Enigma. The Mystery Solved”, prepared in cooperation with the Polish History Museum and the National Center for Culture, the Museum informed Polish Press Agency (PAP).

    As part of the exhibition, for the first time in Poland, an exhibit documenting the great success of the intelligence service of the Second Polish Republic will be shown to the general public. The copy of the German Enigma made by Polish intelligence, used in military operations, is one of the most valuable objects in the collection of the Polish History Museum.

    “The replica of Enigma, made by Polish cryptologists and used to break German cyphers, is unique on a global scale – the only surviving object of this kind made available to the public and researchers. The exhibition tells both the history of the exhibit and the Poles’ path to solving the mystery of the German cypher machine,” we read in the information sent to PAP.

    The breaking of the Enigma code in December 1932 was not only a great success for the Polish Cipher Bureau and cryptologists working in it, but also for Polish science. Three mathematicians from the University of Poznań – Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki, and Henryk Zygalski – made a mathematical analysis of German cyphers and developed a system that allowed for reading the messages encoded by Enigma.


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