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    Do migrants decide to return? Prime Minister: We give them a plane, a ticket and a “good equipment”

    Responding to a question from Left leader Wlodzimierz Czarzasty and comments from other MPs about the possibility of sending migrants back to their countries by plane, the head of government confirmed that this was also being considered with European Union authorities.

    “This we are considering, we are discussing it with the European Union,” he assured. He confirmed that it also concerned migrants placed in centres for foreigners in Poland.


    As he reported, “there are currently 1,800 people in these centres, about 300 of whom have decided to return to their countries of origin.” “And we give these people a plane, a ticket, good equipment in the sense of also financial support. And we want to act in such a way towards everyone, both those who are with us in the centres and those who may penetrate the territory of Poland,” he said.


    The Prime Minister recalled that such illegal attempts to cross the border “we prevented about 31,000”. “But how many attempts are successful,” he admitted.


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