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    The country's largest museum of x-ray tubes is 10 years old

    The museum of X-ray tubes operating at the Opole University of Technology celebrates its 10th anniversary. On this occasion, a company working with NASA donated to the university one of the two existing lamps, a copy of which is used in the Mars exploring rover.

    According to Dr Grzegorz Jezierski, the founder of the museum, the collection of X-ray tubes currently consists of over 1,400 different, unique exhibits that are donated by companies from around the world.

    “We received the most amount of exhibits from Germany, the United States, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia, as well as Japan and even from the Arab Emirates. Among the exhibits, we have unique cameras, such as the only one produced in Warsaw during the war. It is difficult to mention the most interesting ones, for sure the valuable ones are those that were produced for a very short time, and we have a lot of them. Among our exhibits, you can also see interesting facts, such as a device that produces X-rays based on sticky tape, we also have miniature sources intended for sending to a space mission, we also have the results of attempts to launch x-ray tubes in Poland at the Military University of Technology,” says Dr. Jezierski.


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