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    Enigma – one of the most valuable monuments

    Deciphering the code of the German encryption machine Enigma was one of the greatest achievements of Polish cryptologists and Polish intelligence, which was instrumental in defeating Germany during World War II. The copy of the German Enigma made by Polish intelligence, used in military operations, is one of the most valuable objects in the collection of the Polish History Museum.

    On November 9 – 28 this year at the Kordegarda gallery in Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw, the exhibition “Enigma. The mystery is solved” was prepared in cooperation with the Museum of Polish History and the National Center for Culture. As part of the exhibition, for the first time in Poland, an exhibit documenting the great success of the intelligence service of the Second Polish Republic is shown to the general public. The Enigma replica, made by Polish cryptologists and used to break German codes, is unique on a global scale – the only surviving object of this type made available to the public and researchers. The exhibition tells both the history of the exhibit and the Poles’ path to solving the mystery of the German encryption machine.


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