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    Export and import up more than 20 per cent. Poland has a surplus of EUR 3.5 billion

    Export rose 22.9 per cent year-on-year to 112.8 billion euros in January-May 2021, while import rose 21.7 per cent in the period to 109.2 billion euros, the Central Statistical Office (CSO) said. The surplus in foreign trade goods turnover amounted to 3.5 billion euros. The positive balance was €3.5 billion in January-May 2021 compared to €2 billion a year ago.

    “U.S. dollar-denominated exports were $135.8 billion and imports were $131.6 billion (up 34.8 per cent in export and 33.5 per cent in import, respectively). The positive balance stood at USD 4.2 billion, in the corresponding period of 2020 it amounted to USD 2.2 billion,” we read in the statement.


    Since May 1, 2004, in addition to data from SAD customs documents, foreign trade statistics have been using INTRASTAT declarations within the framework of trade with European Union member states.


    “The fastest export growth in January-May 2021 was in machinery and transport equipment (up 38.4 per cent), non-edible raw materials except fuels (up 37.3 per cent), miscellaneous industrial products (up 32.8 per cent), oils, fats, animal and vegetable waxes (up 30.8 per cent), industrial goods classified mainly by raw material (up 27.3 per cent), mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials (up 20.3 per cent), chemical and related products (by 19.2 per cent), food and live animals (by 9.2 per cent) and beverages and tobacco (by 2.2 per cent)”, CSO said.


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