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    The grenade explodes next to police officers – migrants enjoy it! This video should be seen by the so-called “open borders” supporters

    Young, aggressive men throwing stones and stun grenades at Polish forces – this is the reality on the Polish-Belarusian border. Children are also used in the attacks. When one of the thrown stun grenades exploded right next to the police officers, there was a loud sound on the migrants’ side… they were screaming “Hurray!”

    The Border Guard announced on Twitter today that those squatters at the Bruzgi border crossing on the Belarusian side are attacking Polish services. Water cannons were used against aggressive people. “Foreigners are throwing stones and objects with smoke coming out of them towards the Polish services. A bang is heard, through the barbed wire barrier aggressive foreigners threw a log of wood,” the Border Guard reported.


    The Ministry of National Defense (MON) added that the migrants had been equipped by Belarusian services with stun grenades and they had thrown at Polish soldiers and officers. A Spokesperson of the Minister – Special Services Coordinator Stanisław Żaryn later stressed that the first wave of the attack had been repelled.


    It wasn’t easy, though, which is proved by the latest MON videos.


    The narrative of some media and opposition politicians has been verified by life itself. While there are words about “frozen women and children,” the facts are that attacks on Polish services are primarily carried out by young men. Not only are they very physically fit, but they are also aggressive.



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