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    Błaszczak: “We have to prepare for months if not years”

    The night on the Polish-Belarusian border was not peaceful. – Public attention was focused on Kuźnica, however, on other border sections there were also attempts to enter the territory of Poland by smaller groups of migrants, the head of MON Mariusz Błaszczak said today.

    In an interview on the First Program of the Polish Radio, the Ministry of National Defense (MON) Mariusz Błaszczak was asked about the situation on the border with Belarus. 


    “The night was not peaceful, the intensity of attempts to illegally cross the border was less than what we could see in Kuźnica, but still the method of attacks on the Polish border is the same,” the Minister replied.


    He added that the public attention was focused on what happened in Kuźnica, but on other sections of the border smaller groups of migrants tried to enter Polish territory – also at night.


    “The situation on the Belarusian border will not be resolved quickly. We need to prepare for months, if not years,” assessed Błaszczak.


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