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    Has the EU had a problem with the migrant crisis? “Poland is left alone”

    The former head of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) Hans-Georg Maassen speaks about the tough situation Poland finds itself in concerning the defence of its eastern border. “We have known since 2015 that EU external border protection does not work. The EU must help Poland to protect its external border, including building the necessary facilities. It seems to me that Poland is currently being left on its own, just as it was with Hungary years ago,” he assessed in an interview with the Polish Press Agency.

    The BfV is the special service responsible for internal security in Germany. Its task, in addition to counterintelligence, is the fight against terrorism and extremism.


    “It is very good that Poland, by its determination, is making it unequivocally clear that Poland’s border, and thus the EU’s external border, is sacrosanct and must be defended against illegal migrants. We should be grateful to Poland that it is fulfilling this important task for Germany and the EU. I wish the federal government would give Poland the necessary staff and financial support in this regard,” postulates Maassen, who was the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution from 2012 to 2018.


    Hans-Georg Maassen stressed that Poland should receive support, at least from Germany.


    “Germany must help Poland in this situation. What your country is doing is not just your responsibility, it is in the interests of Germany and the European Union as a whole. Germany should also make it clear by changing its migration policy that it does not want any illegal immigration and will not tolerate it,” stresses the former President of the BfV.



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