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    Gazeta Polska Clubs from North America appeal for a firm reaction against Lukashenko

    “We demand from the governments of the European Union and representatives of governments in democratic countries firm reactions against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko,” write members of the Gazeta Polska Clubs from North American in a statement.

    Below we present the entire statement of “Gazeta Polska” Clubs from North America on the situation on the border with Belarus:



    “We, the members of “Gazeta Polska” Clubs from the United States and Canada and patriotic Polish American organizations, express our opposition and condemnation to the Belarusian regime of Alexander Lukashenko, who, inspired by Russia, carried out a hybrid attack on Poland. The hostile actions of the Belarusian services are aimed at destabilizing Poland’s borders, and consequently the borders of the European Union.


    The regime in Minsk has been carrying out border provocations with the use of migrants since August 2021. In recent weeks, bringing large groups of migrants to the borders with Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia to force them through, combined with incidents of dismantling Polish border fortifications by Belarusian troops, is evidence of deliberate, coordinated action by the Belarusian regime. The military exercises of Belarus and Russia near the Polish border testify to Russia’s hostile involvement in these provocations.


    We demand that the governments of the European Union and the representatives of governments in democratic countries take firm action against Alexander Lukashenko’s regime, for example, by tightening sanctions, securing the borders of the European Union in real and unconditional terms, taking steps to limit the use of human migration to create a crisis and denouncing the role of the administration of the Russian President.


    Hybrid attacks on Poland’s borders constitute an unprecedented threat to the countries of Europe. The provocation of a humanitarian crisis using migrants is a tool to escalate destabilizing actions and to divide European countries. The responsibility for the humanitarian crisis lies with the Kremlin-backed regime of Alexander Lukashenko, and that regime should be the recipient of the calls to stop this crisis. We call on all patriotic organizations to condemn the actions stimulated by Vladimir Putin’s administration of Alexander Lukashenko, who has no democratic mandate to represent the people of Belarus.


    We warn against media provocations and disinformation by the Belarusian and Russian regimes, which are reproduced by some Polish and foreign media, hostile towards Poland and the Polish government.


    Members of nearly 500. “Gazeta Polska” Clubs around the world express their support and appreciation for the Polish Army soldiers and Border Guard officers guarding the eastern border of Poland and the European Union. Thank you!


    Gazeta Polska’ Clubs from the USA and Canada”


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