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    A demonstration in front of the Belarusian embassy. Borowski: We are not afraid. We will defend our borders!

    “We are worthy of independence. We will defend our borders, and you, Mr Lukashenko, can threaten us with bombers, you can threaten to bomb Warsaw, but you do not want Warsaw to be in ruins again. We are not afraid of it, because we have excellent defenders,” said Adam Borowski during a demonstration in front of the Belarusian embassy.

    “Pride and Respect” was the slogan of today’s demonstration of solidarity with Polish soldiers, border guards, and policemen guarding the Polish border. The demonstration started at Piłsudski Square in Warsaw. In the evening members of the “Gazeta Polska” Clubs demonstrated in front of the Belarusian embassy at Wiertnicza Street in Warsaw.


    During the event, the chairman of the Warsaw club of “Gazeta Polska” Adam Borowski spoke. 


    “Today the dictator of Belarus has judged the defenders of our borders to be responsible for genocide. The scale of the lies is incredible,” he said.


    “It is incomprehensible that one blames the victim for the situation at the border. Poland here is a victim not of Lukashenko’s policy, but Putin’s. It’s because of the Russian leader’s policy because he will never come to terms with Polish independence,” he pointed out.


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