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    A group of 150 migrants tried to cross the border under the supervision of the Belarusian services [VIDEO]

    On Sunday evening a group of 150 aggressive people tried to cross the Polish border near the village of Dubicze Cerkiewne. – Everything took place under the supervision of Belarusian services. The officers were blinding us with flashlights,” said Border Guard spokesperson Anna Michalska.

    According to Michalska, around 7 p.m. on Sunday about 150 aggressive people tried to enter the Polish territory on the section protected by the Border Guard in Dubicze Cerkiewne.


    – The attack started with throwing stones in the direction of Polish officers. Then there was blinding with torches and lasers, a wooden footbridge was put on the concertina and in this way, the migrants started to try to breakthrough


    – the Border Guard spokesperson said.


    She reported that as a result, 70 people entered Poland within a few meters. They were detained, informed of their obligation to leave the territory of Poland and led to the borderline. No one was hurt in the incident.


    – Everything took place under the supervision of the Belarusian services, i.e., the officers dazzled us with flashlights, assisted us during the crossing and encouraged these people to cross the border


     – Michalska pointed out.


    Night footage attached on BG’s social media shows a group of people with backpacks sitting in a forest near the Polish-Belarusian border. You can also see the blinding light and the use of lasers from the other side of the border.



    The Border Guard spokesperson also said that on other sections of the Polish-Belarusian border, last day there were no large groups forcibly forcing the barricades. The Border Guard noted e.g., throwing of stones by individuals.


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