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    An exhibition of artefacts from a medieval cemetery at the Masovian Museum

    Medieval artefacts recovered during excavations in Płock (Mazowieckie voivodeship) at a medieval cemetery were accidentally discovered in 2016. Now they are presented at the exhibition at the Masovian Museum. It was this institution that organized the archaeological work there, carried out in the years 2019-20.

    According to the Masovian Museum in Płock, the exhibition summarizes the two-year research. It presents “the most interesting monuments – jewellery, tools, utensils – discovered by archaeologists, which, thanks to conservation efforts, in many cases regained their former brilliance”. The title of the exhibition is “Medieval graveyard in Płock. Research in the years 2019-20”.

    The excavations were carried out in the former parking lot of the former voivodeship headquarters of the Citizens’ Militia in Płock, as well as in the adjacent area after 11 medieval graves were accidentally discovered there in 2016. In the subsequent stages of archaeological research, a total of about 300 graves and numerous artefacts were found, indicating that from the end of the 11th century, at least to the end of the 13th century, there was a cemetery with an area of ​​about 10 ares, where about 400-500 people could be buried.


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