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    Another rough night at the border. Aggressive foreigners threw grenades, stones and tree branches at Polish servicemen!

    The Border Guard informed that on the section protected by the Border Guard in Mielnik two forcible attempts to cross the Polish-Belarusian border took place yesterday. Groups of 40 migrants threw stones, bang grenades and tree branches at Polish officers. Video of the incident has been released!

    “On the section protected by the Border Guard post in Mielnik two attempts to forcefully cross the border took place yesterday, i.e., 23.11. Groups of 40 aggressive foreigners attacked Polish services throwing stones, tree branches, and bang grenades” – we read in the message of the Border Guard published on Twitter.


    During a night attack of migrants near Mielnik (Podlaskie Voivodeship) one soldier was injured – he suffered head injuries. He was given medical care – was informed by the Polish Press Agency by the Border Guard spokesperson, Lieutenant Anna Michalska.


    The spokesperson said that the group of 30 people who broke into Poland has been detained. The persons were instructed to leave the territory of Poland and were led to the border.


    Then around 11.30 p.m. another group of about 30 people attacked Polish services and soldiers.


    “Apart from stones, pieces of wood, they threw bang firecrackers. The group managed to cross into Poland, but all persons were detained, instructed to leave the territory of our country, and then brought to the borderline,” – the Border Guard spokesperson assured.


    A massive attack on the Polish border also took place near Dubicze Cerkiewne. Around 8 p.m. a group of over 100 illegal immigrants tried to enter Poland.


    “These people were very aggressive, they threw stones in the direction of Polish officers, they threw footbridges over the concertina (barbed wire barrier – ed.), migrants cut elements of the barrier. The whole event was assisted by Belarusian soldiers. They also helped foreigners,” – Michalska reported.


    As a result of these attacks, a group of over 100 people managed to enter Poland.


    “From our findings, they were mainly Iraqi nationals. All these people were stopped right at the borderline, instructed to leave the territory of Poland and brought to the border,” – she announced.




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