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    The border storm starts from square one. Belarusian regime unscrupulously supports militant migrant groups

    Belarusian services continue to support groups of migrants brought to the border with Poland, who are trying to cross to our side, said the spokesman for the coordinator of special services Stanisław Żaryn. – This means that the Belarusian regime is preparing to keep foreigners at the border with Poland for a long time and use them for further operations against Poland and the EU, he noted.

    – We return to the situation before the storming of the Kuźnica crossing since smaller groups are sent to different points on the border,” said Żaryn. Migrants have been dispersed and attempts to cross individually are made by smaller groups of mainly a dozen people – the largest recently has had more than 200 people, he added.


    He reminded us that it had been currently taking place mostly at night, and it points to looking for various weak spots, holes in the shielding of our border. – We are aware that such actions will take place and there will be attempts to push smaller groups of migrants to our side,” he said.


    – In our opinion, the Belarusian regime unscrupulously, no longer hiding, continues to support this wave of emigrants, he assessed.


    Żaryn said that the Polish side had clear examples that it was the Belarusian services that equipped those migrants, who attack the border. Also, the actions of the services themselves – using lasers or strobe lights to support the attack of migrants, increases the risk on the Polish side.


    – This is also done so that our people do not see stones or branches being thrown at them by the border escaladers, which cause additional dangerous situations, emphasized Żaryn.



    He reported that the attempts to smuggle across the border in recent days have been mainly in Podlaskie province. In the last two days, there were no reported cases of attempts to cross the Bug River in the Lublin province, he reported. He pointed out that this area is nevertheless meticulously patrolled and appealed for caution as the river itself is unpredictable.


    The spokesman also drew attention to the new methods used during the attacks, e.g., the case when Belarusian services started using the Polish anthem played during the attacks, which is additionally perceived as a provocation.


    He reminded that in that area the weather changes, winter comes and weather conditions have changed radically – the snow has fallen, the temperature drops below zero. He pointed out that the Polish side repeatedly addressed to the Belarusian authorities, as well as to the migrants themselves on the Belarusian side in text messages addressed directly to them, that the weather conditions would worsen, which could affect their health and lives.


    – It is an unambiguous signal that Poland informs Lukashenka’s regime that further exposure of these people in the face of worsening weather conditions is dangerous and their fate is in the hands of Lukashenka, who is aware of the difficult weather conditions that may occur in this period, the Spokesman for the Minister Coordinator of Special Services pointed out.


    Support from the Lukashenka regime’s services also means expanding the facilities of the warehouse in Bruzgi where the migrants are staying – earlier, there were established food courts, shops, a currency exchange office, and nowadays, there is a public bathhouse in the area,” recalled Żaryn.


    – This means that the Belarusian regime is preparing to keep foreigners at the border with Poland for a long time and use them to further operations against Poland and the EU, he pointed out.


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