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    History lovers have discovered an arrowhead from several thousand years ago

    History lovers discovered an arrowhead from several thousand years ago with a part of a wooden shaft in the vicinity of Łukta (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship). According to archaeologists, it is a unique find in Poland.

    The members of the “Salla” Historical and Exploration Association – with the consent of the conservator – restorer – searched the place of the drained and overgrown lake in the Łukta commune with metal detectors.

    “We were looking for traces of World War II and we accidentally made this discovery. We are very happy about it because the association has been operating for over a dozen years, but in the field, we have been operating for a year,” Damian Żuralski, the finder of the arrowhead, told PAP (Polish Press Agency).

    The enthusiasts of regional history handed over the found artefact to the Museum in Ostróda.

    “The arrowhead is very interesting, there is no equivalent in Poland, so we have a problem with precise dating. It comes from the Bronze Age or the Early Iron Age. At this stage many question marks can be clarified only after conducting specialized analyzes,” archaeologist Łukasz Szczepański told PAP.


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