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    Services repelled an attack by a group of about 100 migrants [VIDEO]

    The Border Guard announced on Twitter that today a group of 100 migrants attacked fortifications on the Polish-Belarusian border near Białowieża.

    “On the section protected by the Bialowieza Border Guard Facility, the services repelled an attack on the border by a group of 100 people,” reported on Saturday the Border Guard on Twitter. It happened in the last 24 hours.



    Moreover, the police showed what looks like “footbridges” specially prepared by the Belarusian regime for people who are forcibly pushed into Poland and the European Union.



    A group of nearly 200 migrants forced their way across the Polish border near Czeremcha late on Thursday evening. One soldier was wounded during the attack.


    Since the beginning of the year, the Border Guard has recorded over 37,000 attempts to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border, including over 8,000 in November, nearly 17,300 in October, nearly 7,700 in September and over 3,500 in August.




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