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    Polish National Parks – Świętokrzyski National Park

    The Świętokrzyskie Mountains are the oldest in Poland. Erected in three different tectonic periods, they spread on the Małopolska Highlands, between the Pilica and the Vistula rivers. Their outlines are gentle and their heights are small. However, they fascinate with their unusually original structure, varied flora and animal world.

    The Park was established in 1950 and covers the area of 7626,45 ha and the buffer zone covers the area of 20786,07 ha. 


    The Park area is divided administratively into 8 protection districts (forest divisions): Chełmowa Góra, Dąbrowa, Dębno, Jastrzębi Dół, Klonów, Podgórze, Święta Katarzyna, Święty Krzyż. They carry out the previously planned tasks of protecting natural, cultural and landscape values.


    Additional information:

    – Hiking trails (total approx. 42 km),

    – The Natural History Museum at the Holy Cross,

    – Baroque church in Bieliny,

    – St. Barbara Hill,

    – Wooden cottage in Kakonin,

    – Museum of Ancient Metallurgy in Nowa Słupia.


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