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    PM Morawiecki: 'no open door policy' on migration

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki for DPA International about the migration crisis at the eastern border of the EU and the current geopolitical situation. Read the interview.

    In an interview, Prime Minister referred to the current geopolitical situation and the migration crisis at the eastern border of the EU. 


    We publish some fragments of an interview below, but the whole is available DPA International – Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki: ‘no open door policy’ on migration 



    On dpa-International we can read that Morawiecki was asked whether it has been a good idea that Chancellor Merkel had talked to Alexander Lukashenko about how to solve the crisis.


    “The European Union should get involved in finding a diplomatic solution. But when Chancellor Merkel called Mister Lukashenko, she contributed to legitimising his regime, while the struggle for a free Belarus is going on for 15 months now. Lukashenko also abused his conversation with Angela Merkel. He pretended that Merkel agreed to transport 2,000 immigrants through a corridor to Germany and other European countries. And this is not right,” he answered. 


    Morawiecki was also asked whether that crisis might unite Europe which had been divided in the refugee policy for a long time. 


    “First of all: The asylum policy should be a prerogative of a sovereign state. But a common policy on migration we should work out on a European level. In this respect, the unity in Europe is much bigger than three or four years ago. The previous refugee policy has been proven a mistake. Most of the EU countries with the exception of one or two have understood, that we cannot have an open-door policy and “multiculti”, answered Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. 


    Another question referred to Nord Stream 2. The interviewer asked the Polish Prime Minister whether he expected Germany to change its attitude towards Nord Stream 2. 


    “I hope so. Nord Stream 2 is becoming a tool to blackmail Ukraine and Moldova. It is also a tool for the manipulation of energy prices. I would expect the new German government to do everything possible not to allow Nord Stream 2 to be an instrument in the arsenal of President Putin,” said Morawiecki. 

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