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    Discussion on a unique finding from the Stajnia Cave

    The mammoth bone plaquette with a dimple ornament found in the Stajnia Cave is 41.5 thousand years old and is the oldest known example of this type of jewellery, according to the authors of the scientific article in “Scientific Reports”.

    On Thursday evening, the prestigious “Scientific Reports” published a publication on the research of a mammoth bone plaquette found by Polish archaeologists.

    The radiocarbon research reported in Scientific Reports suggests that the find is about 41,500 years old and is an example of the oldest man-made jewellery with dimple ornaments known in Eurasia. 

    The publication emphasizes that there are not many man-made ornaments so distantly dated in our part of the world. (These include predator tooth pendants found in the Baczo Kiro cave in Bulgaria. They are 46,000 years old, but no dimples have been made in them.)


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